Twin City Run - Winnipeg Vs Colombo
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Race Description
Two Cities, Two Routes, One Hope This is the world's 1st real-time virtual race between two cities, in two different continents, 13500 km apart. There is one common goal, to raise money to build hope for children with heart disease and other critical illnesses. Funds raised will be donated to The Little Heart Foundation in Sri Lanka and the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Join the challenge and help us extend the lives of the little ones in desperate need.
Race Package
1. Participation Medal upon completion of 5km 2. Printed Bib 3. Certificate of appreciation
Event Info
1. March 17th , 2018, Winnipeg 8.00 am. Colombo 6.30 pm 2. Winnipeg- Assiniboine Park, Colombo - Independence square 3. Individual: CAD 30 to Join, Team participation: CAD 27.5 per head for 10 or more members, CAD 28 per head for 5 or more members. 4. Registration is open to all ages
Let's Get Started
* Download the RaceRunner App and join the race. * Runners in Winnipeg gather at Assiniboine Park and Runners in Colombo gather at Independence square on March 17, 2018. * Race starts at the appointed time. Voice prompt informs of your position, time and pace, in real-time. * App will tell you when the 5K race has been completed. * Mingle, warm-down, Medal distribution and socialize.

Corporate participants
Sri Lanka
1.Use of vehicles / bicycles
Runners who are participating in the race must not use any vehicle or bicycle to cover any part of the distance. Runners doing this shall be removed from the race and can be subject to suspension permanently from participating in future races
Runners Joined
# Name of Runner Location Individual Fundraising Page
1 Buddhika Madduma Winnipeg, CA
2 Navjot Dhillon Winnipeg, CA
3 Morgan Winnipeg, CA
4 Nielly Kingston, JM
5 Dave B Winnipeg, CA
6 Mario Tomberli Winnipeg, CA
7 Dinushika Ahangama, LK
8 Kasun Boralesgamuwa, LK
9 Yasas Pathirana Colombo, LK
10 Chathura Prasanne Boralesgamuwa, LK
11 Kolin Mahanama Moratuwa, LK
12 Prabhath Jayarathna Moratuwa, LK
13 Kristy Winnipeg, CA
14 lawrence Winnipeg, CA
15 Maximus Colombo, LK
16 Kelum Vithana Nugegoda, LK
Donors and Donations
# Name of Donor Date Amount
1 Buddhika Madduma 1/9/2018 $25
2 Navjot Dhillon 1/9/2018 $25
3 Morgan 1/10/2018 $50
4 Nielly 1/10/2018 $45
5 Dave B 1/10/2018 $35
6 Mario Tomberli 1/10/2018 $25
7 Dinushika 1/10/2018 $20
8 Kasun 1/10/2018 $5
9 Yasas Pathirana 1/10/2018 $10
10 Chathura Prasanne 1/10/2018 $5
11 Kolin Mahanama 1/10/2018 $5
12 Prabhath Jayarathna 1/10/2018 $5
13 Kristy 1/15/2018 $30
14 lawrence 1/18/2018 $50
15 Maximus 1/23/2018 $10
16 Kelum Vithana 1/9/2018 $5
Corporate Teams
# Organization Name Location Number of Participants
1 ZOOMi Softlab Pvt Ltd Sri Lanka 6
2 Idea Colombo Pvt Ltd Sri Lanka 5
3 ZOOMi Technologies Pvt Ltd Canada 10

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